The_Arda_Sea.pngSoed Tarian: The Arda Sea

Two great nations separated by a vast ocean. Many isles are dotted in between, but most have been claimed by either the Human-Dwarf allied “Kinlands” of Gorllan and Nāstroc, or the Kertayan Republic, home predominantly to the Elves and some Tiefling communities.

The Gorllan Dwarves are traditionally reclusive, master forgers and have full control of the ore in that region, but it was the creativity and wanderlust of the Nāstroc Humans that lead to their great success and notoriety as both Shipbuilders and Voyagers, despite these two kingdoms being historic rivals.

A continent suffused with old magic, Kertaya is an expansive, beautiful land that’s home to an ancient civilisation of philosophers, artists and magic practitioners. The Republic is the centre of learning and sees many people travel across the world to study there and soak in its history and arts.

Though trade between these nations is now commonplace, the journey across the Arda Sea remains treacherous, with a mysterious and very dangerous Maelstrom at its centre. Thought impossible to traverse safely, trade routes between the Kinlands and the Republic take care to avoid its strong currents and the unpredictable, rapidly changing weather that seems to amplify in its proximity.

Folk tales of fantastic beasts and unearthly treasure has lured many an adventurer to cross its threshold, but none are known to have returned.

With the trade routes curbed by the Maelstrom, the many small and disparate isles across the Arda Sea have become hot spots for piracy, perfect for concealment. This has lead to a bolstering of merchant ship defences and weaponry, with some vessels even being accompanied by battle ships to ensure the safe arrival of their goods.

It is a hardy and optimistic person that takes to the high seas.

Soed Tarian - The Shield Isles of Tor'Iffe

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